lundi 4 juillet 2016

Top 10 Travel App

If there's one thing I never forget when I am travelling, it is my phone.
Technology increasingly facilitates the collection and exchange of information. I have chosen a few apps to plan and organize your journeys in order to leave the most serenely possible. Don't hesitate to tell me your favorite travel app in the comment ! enjoy !

Tripit is a free travel organizer : hotel, flight and dinner reservation. It provides maps, direction and weather thanks to geolocalisation. 
It helps you to book restaurants, buy tickets and search different attractions.

 TripIt allows to collect on a single page all the information relative to your journey. You can transfer all the reservations made on the Internet at the address, once you have download the application. You have a complete and chronological program of your trip. A custom-made tool for a business trip.
For iOs and Android.

Kayak provides price alerts. It can track your flight, convert currency and locate local attractions.  
It is an effective and very complete price comparator. AND IT'S FREE !
For iOs and Android.

 Wikitude is a free augmented reality travel guide. It overlays wikipedia and user generated content on your phone camera you point your camera at a landmark and get info. It uses your phone's GPS and movement sensors. 
For iOs and Android.

 Allsubway is a subway map and route planner.
It comes with subway maps for 137 cities. 
It doesn't require internet connectivity. $0.99 for iOS.

Thanks to a voice recognition, iTranslate allows to dictate, in its mother tongue, a word or a sentence. Then you can choose the language of translation. The application also proposes synonyms. All in all, more than 60 foreign languages are available.
Free for iOs and Android.

 Sitorsquat is a public bathroom locator. It is a current working database of over 100 000 toilets. It seperates listings into either "sit" or "squat" toilets, based on comfort and cleanless.
Free for iOs and Android.

ConvertPad : This free application allows you to convert all the units: distance, weight, price...
It contains more than 1 300 units, classified in 90 different categories. The information is updated in real time. Useful to know an exchange rate before converting your money. Free for Android.

World customs and Cultures lists the habits and customs for more 165 countries. Several categories exist, such as the way of greeting itself or still the place of the women in the society. The app also proposes some sentences with current usage, in 16 different languages.  Free for iOs.

Wi-Fi Finder will tell you exactly where the closest WiFi hotspot is and the how to get there.
It will allow to filter the points of access between paying, free networks or both. If you cannot geolocalisate yourself, you can indicate the address or simply the zip code from where you are.
Free for iOs and Android.  

Postagram is a postcard delivery app. You take a photo with the app and type in an adress. The app will print out a postcard and mail it to the adress provided. It is a free app but you have to pay $0.99 for each delivered postcard. Postcards arrive at their destination at the end of 7 days, on average.
For iOs and Android.

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